Michael and I were married on August 12, 2000 at a biker bar in Massachusetts. Neither of us were bikers but it had a bar and a large outdoor area plus… it was free. It was basically a family potluck with no photographer and my flowers were picked in a field on the side of a road. My hair was inspired by Bjork and as far as my dress goes it was slim pickings back then for amazing plus size wedding dresses. The worst part about it all was the elbow length gloves I added last minute after panicking about my arms showing. LOL!

As a wedding photographer that has NEVER actually been photographed, it’s always made me kinda sad.

So… for our 21st anniversary we had a do over at one of our favorite places! I still ended up getting my flowers from the side of the road because my actual bouquet had a tragic accident with falling suitcases and a van full of people. It was a very emotional and special moment Michael and I will not forget. Thank you to our children who photographed our renewal and gave us these wonderful memories. Also, shout out to Wendy and Erin @sbwformals for making me the kimono of my dreams out of a size 6 dress from BHLDN. Everyone knows I love a good kimono!